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Relationship Between Prebiopsy Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI, Biopsy Indication, and MRI ultrasound Fusion targeted Prostate Biopsy Outcomes.pdf
Prostate cancer on computed tomography A direct comparison with multi parametric magnetic resonance imaging and tissue pathology.pdf
Predictive value of negative 3T multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate on 12 core biopsy results.pdf
Evaluation of the impact of computed high b value diffusion weighted imaging on prostate cancer detection.pdf
Serial Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Active Surveillance of Prostate Cancer Incremental Value.pdf
Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and MRI Transrectal Ultrasound Fusion Biopsy for Index Tumor Detection Correlation with Radical Prostatectomy Specimen.pdf
Prostate Cancer Detection Using Computed Very High bvalue Diffusion weighted Imaging How High Should We Go.pdf
Does the addition of targeted prostate biopsies to standard systemic biopsies influence treatment management for radiation oncologists.pdf
Prostate cancer detection with magnetic resonance-ultrasound fusion biopsy The role of systematic and targeted biopsies.pdf
A Pre Biopsy Nomogram for Prediction of the Risk of Gleason Score 7 Prostate Cancer on Combined MRI-US Fusion Targeted and Systematic Prostate Biopsy Among Men with No.pdf
Random walk based segmentation for the prostate on 3D transrectal ultrasound images.pdf
Likert score 3 prostate lesions Association between whole lesion ADC metrics and pathologic findings at MRI ultrasound fusion targeted biopsy.pdf
Combining population and patient-specific characteristics for prostate segmentation on 3D CT images.pdf
Targeted Biopsy to Detect Gleason Score Upgrading during Active Surveillance for Men with Low versus Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer.pdf